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No more relying on luck or asking your friends which image will get the click.

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Don’t get stuck in the uphill battle of selling me-too products.

You’ll be able to ask customers what matters most to them. Get ideas on how to differentiate your product, what accessories to include and more.

Start experiencing just how easy sales can be when you make products that shoppers want.

Turns out, results are typical

You'll get 6% more sales on average with just your first few tests. That's an extra $1400 a year in sales if your product is doing $2000 a month.  

$1440 in extra sales per year
What clients are saying
Been our secret sauce for a while

Me and my students have been using ProductPinion for category research and listing image criteria as well as optimizing their listings for higher conversion.

It’s been our secret sauce for a while now.

Arek Zabierek
Insights I previously missed

“ProductPinion provides more testing options than other testing platforms and results come in pretty quick.

This is really helping us validate product ideas and hopefully save a lot of money."

"I've also gotten a lot of listing insights I had completely missed despite an incredibly high amount of A/B testing in the past.

Sometimes you just need to get the word directly from the source, your customer."

John Foxel
We can talk to Amazon customers

I’ve learned things about what my customers need in order to buy from me.

I would never have learned otherwise because Amazon doesn’t allow us to talk to our customers. Well, now we can.

It’s hard to put a dollar value to these insights from the customers!

Clement Ong